What is Servant Leadership? Guest Author Jay Hodge of “The Lean Treasure Chest”

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Jay Hodge is the founder and President of Jay Hodge & Associates, a Lean Management consulting firm consisting of an extensive network of Independent Experts specializing in multiple fields including: Strategy Deployment, Lean Leadership Development, Clinical and Manufacturing Operations, Revenue Cycle Management, Kaizen/RIW and Problem Solving Events, and the implementation of Lean Management Systems in organizations across multiple industries.

Jay is the author of ​The Lean Treasure Chest and the creator of the ​Dynamic Elemental Engagement System®​, which can be used to effectively drive cultural transformation within any organization. He possesses over 30 years of demonstrated operational leadership in roles ranging from front-line Supervisor to Vice President, within organizations such as U.S. Marine Corps, Ford, General Motors, Caterpillar, Tenet Healthcare, and Toyota.

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We Discussed Simon Sinek in our discussion – Here is Simon’s most amazing Ted Talk that changed my outlook on my business in 2009.

How Great Leader’s Inspire Action

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