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    The Coaching For Leaders Podcast is directed towards listeners who are looking to hear about topics on personal development, leadership, finding your life’s purpose, living a life of passion, healthy relationships, and working towards a better you. 
    I will give you tips, tools and resources to help on your path to living the life that you have always dreamed of.  Check out my reviews and give me a listen to see if my style of coaching fits into your life.

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    What People Say...

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    This is the first podcast I've listened to where I felt eager for the next episode and cried my eyes out on the second, especially when he reiterates how I deserve to live a life where I'm happy, that I matter and that I deserve a great life. It's what I needed to hear to help me out of this dark place I'm in right now and I NEED to hear more. It's food for the Soul and the mind. Dave speaks in a down-to-earth way that you get it, you feel like your sitting down face to face listening to someone with life experience who wants to share his with others in order to help them improve their own lives. He relays the fact that he genuinely cares. Highly recommend!!!

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