Why is Generosity Important for Leaders?

In today’s show I talk about the importance of generosity in leadership. A leader who is generous with time, power, training, information, and sincere compliments empowers the employees. It creates an atmosphere that inspires your team to want to be better at all that they do. Here are some links to things I talk about […]
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Leading With Gratitude – Guest Author Adrian Gostick

I am excited to be joined today by Adrian Gostick. Adrian and I will be talking about his new book “Leading with Gratitude, Eight Leadership Practices for Extraordinary Results”. Hailed as the #8 Leadership Guru & #9 Organizational Culture Guru of 2020, Adrian Gostick helps clients around the world with employee engagement and leadership issues. […]
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Sales Scripting Mastery – Guest Author Eric Lofholm

Eric Lofholm is a Master Sales Trainer who has taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world. He is President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization he founded to professionally train people on the art and science of selling. Eric began his career as a sales failure. At […]
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The Dirty Side of Leadership – Guest Author Ron Ward

The Dirty Side of Leadership – Lessons about Management Coaching and Team Development: Management Coaching, Management Training, @DirtyLessons, Leadership Training, Managers, Business and Economics Ron Ward is the author of the best selling book, The Dirty Side of Leadership. Ron served as US Probation and Pretrial Services Safety and Training Division Chief and Academy Director at the […]
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