Discover Your Soul Cube

Release Date
November 30, 2021

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You want to be seen and heard. You feel like you’re doing all of the right things to fulfill your life’s purpose.

So why do you still feel stuck?

The wrong relationships keep entering your life. You’re not treated with the respect you deserve and fear that saying “no” to someone will make them not like you.

You wonder why this keeps happening and if there’s something wrong with you.

But you don’t need to be fixed. You have an unlimited power to improve all areas of your life. It just needs to be tapped into.

This book will help you discover and activate your Soul Cube. You’ll be guided through a transformational journey that will teach you how to:    

  • Gain personal power through self-respect and self-love
  • Connect with yourself in order to connect with others
  • Communicate your needs clearly and effectively
  • Set healthy boundaries to attract honest and respectful relationships

Let’s be clear though: self-improvement isn’t easy. This book will ask you to step outside out of your comfort zone and take on new patterns of thinking. There will be challenges along the way, but this book will guide you through them on the path to expansion.

Take the challenge! 

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