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March 20, 2021

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Do you wonder why you attract the WRONG types of relationships into your life?

Have you asked yourself why people like to use your gifts and abilities and then throw you away when it is convenient for them?

Do you wish that people would just be nice to you?

Do you feel that saying “no” to someone will make them not like you?

Find out how to take control of your life by discovering and activating your Soul Cube. Discover what your Soul Cube is and learn the steps to activate and use it to tap into your unlimited power and improve all areas of your life.

In this book you will be guided on your own Heroes’ Journey that will teach you how to
·         Claim your personal power
·         Lead yourself so that you will achieve all of your dreams
·         Attract honest & respectful relationships
·         Build a kingdom that allows you to live your life’s purpose.

Learn and embrace the true power of your shadow self.

Learn how to master your physical body so that you can live a healthy and happy life.

Learn how to use the true power of divine masculinity and divine femininity together to achieve greatness.

Learn how to communicate in a way that clearly states your opinions and feelings so that you can advocate for your needs without violating the rights of others.

How much longer are you going to let other people’s opinions impact your life?

How much longer are you going to remain “unseen & hidden”?

How much longer are you going to wait to fulfill your soul’s contract and live your life’s purpose?

Join me so that together we can embark on your quest to activate your Soul Cube so that you can become the Monarch of your Kingdom!

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