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What is Servant Leadership? Guest Author Jay Hodge of “The Lean Treasure Chest”

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcast Here Jay Hodge is the founder and President of Jay Hodge & Associates, a Lean Management consulting firm consisting of an extensive network of Independent Experts specializing in multiple fields including: Strategy Deployment, Lean Leadership Development, Clinical and Manufacturing Operations, Revenue Cycle Management, Kaizen/RIW and Problem Solving Events, […]
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Have you ever experienced preparing for an interview and imagining all the bad answers you’ll give to the interviewer? Were you able to pull it off? If you thought that you’d make plenty of mistakes and forget everything you want to say about yourself, then most often than not you will fail. No matter how […]
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Envious or Inspired?

  Envy.  It is one of the seven deadly sins.  Envy occurs when you are jealous of another person’s qualities, possessions, or achievements. It can also mean that you wish some type of misfortune on others.  There are two types of envy, malicious envy and benign envy.  Malicious envy is a drive to make things […]
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